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Inner Alchemy
An Introduction Into The Healing Arts




What to expect

A Full Day Workshop In The Self Healing Arts 

facilitated by We The Medicine


Discover Your Inner Power Using Imagination, Movement, Meditation, Yoga, Breath-work, Tapping, Humming, Neuroscience hacks, EMDR, EFT and much more. 



Who Are We The Medicine?

The Vision of We The Medicine is to awaken the divine spark within each and every person, empowering them to reclaim their authentic selves. We believe that the source of all healing lies within, and it is our passion to guide individuals on their journey toward self-discovery and wholeness.

What is Inner Alchemy?

Inner alchemy refers to the practice of transforming one's inner self, often involving the cultivation and refinement of one's mind, emotions, and energy.



Is this workshop for me?

Are you looking to go deeper on your own self healing journey?

Are you interested to learn multiple ways to calm the monkey mind?

Do you have an interest to find inner peace?

Would you like to learn simple yet highly effective body/mind hacks to feel safe peaceful and calm?

If you answered yes to any of the above then YES, absolutely this workshop is for you!

What will I learn?

  • Various empowerment tools and techniques

  • Buddhist Mindful meditation

  • Emotional Freedom Tapping

  • Moving and shaking to release stagnant energy

  • The power of setting clear and conscious intentions

  • How sacred cacao is a heart opening medicine

  • How to breathe to down regulate the nervous system

  • A powerful neuroscience technique to unlock traumatic memories/emotions in the brain

Meet Your Facilitators

David & Janine will be traveling back rom Costa Rica and are delighted to offer this one off event in Tunbridge Wells as part of the We The Medicine European tour teaching various tools and techniques in the healing arts.



The schedule for the day

💜 10.00am The Power Of Setting Intentions

During this introduction to the workshop we will be discussing the super power behind setting clear intentions. Setting intentions is akin to carefully tending to the soil of our consciousness, sowing the seeds of purpose and direction. With deliberate nurturing, these intentions take root, intertwining with the fabric of our being, and blossoming into the guiding force behind our actions, shaping the landscape of our lives with meaning and fulfillment.

💜 10.30am Sacred Ceremonial Cacao Ceremony 

Experience the delightful Sacred Costa Rican Cacao magic that is grown, harvested and produced by the Br Bri tribe in Costa Rica. Cacao is a pure heart medicine that has been used by the indigenous tribes in central America for thousands of years. This beautiful medicine will leave you feeling alive and activated to start the day.

💜 11.00am Yoga, shaking & bio dynamic tapping 

Janine will take you on a journey of sheer delight with a 90 minute movement class, starting with some gentle stretches and moving into some free flow yoga, biodynamic tapping and shaking to get the stuck stagnant energy released from the muscles and tissues throughout the body. ( This class is beginner friendly)

💜 12.30pm Mindful Buddhist Meditation Practice 

David will give a talk regarding the simple yet powerful ancient practice and that will be followed by a demonstration where we will all meditate together.

💜 1.00pm Lunch 

2 x Course buffet lunch - Together we will sit and eat the delicious food cooked by the fantastic chefs at the hotel. Vegan & Vegetarian options available also.

💜 2.00pm EFT Emotional Freedom Tapping technique 

David will guide us through this practical workshop and you will learn this highly effective technique to calm the central nervous system and free the body from anxiety, fear and other debilitating emotions such as anger, guilt shame and sadness.

💜 2.30pm Loving Kindness Guided Meditation

Here we will share wisdom around the ancient technology of the heart and look at how our ancestors understood its full power as a tool to heal themselves and their communities. There will also be a guided meditation to go deep into the subconscious, honor our ancestors, and open the heart to unconditional love.

💜 3.00pm Psychosensory Neuroscience Technique

During this workshop, you'll uncover practical techniques to deactivate the fight or flight response, soothe the nervous system, ease the vagal nerve, and swiftly reduce cortisol levels. We'll explore the profound impact of touch in eliciting healing delta frequencies in the brain. Additionally, we'll delve into methods to unravel old patterns and limiting beliefs that tether us to outdated versions of ourselves, hindering our growth towards our highest potential.

💜 4.00pm Transformational Breath-work workshop 

You will experience the power of your breath as a tool to move energy around the body and open up channels for healing to take place. This is an extremely powerful modality and you will leave feeling totally activated on all levels of your being. Be ready for this one! :)

💜 5:00pm Close



The investment

Admission for this event is £125 plus booking fee.

Janine & David are so sure that you are going to love this workshop that they are offering a FULL 100% money back guarantee. If at the end of the event you are not happy just let us know and we will issue a FULL refund.


Have any questions in advance? Please email


We are super excited to bring this medicine to you all and really hope that you are able to come and join this one day workshop with us.


Love and blessings


David & Janine

We The Medicine

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