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Self Healing Workshop
Heal, Thrive, Evolve




What to expect

Discover your hidden power with We The Medicine's Monthly Self Healing Masterclass 


Our unique program has been designed to empower you to be the best version of yourself through a combination of breath work, meditation, tapping, and neuroscience techniques. Through decades of learning & teachings, we know that every human on the planet has the potential to unlock codes of wisdom by using their imagination, breath and belief system.



The schedule

9.00am: Introduction and intention setting - Learn the power of setting intentions in all areas of your life.

9.15am: Movement medicine with Janine - We will start with some biodynamic Tapping, shaking & Kundalini Yoga to move old stagnant energy out of the body.

10.15am: The Power Of Humming - Learn how your own vibration can heal you and reset your nervous system by tapping into the body's own healing Nitrtic Oxide (The nobel price winning molecule).

10.30am Mindful meditation - Here you will learn a simple and yet powerful buddhist meditation technique that will stop your monkey mind in its tracks. Together we will learn how to become mindful and aware of our surroundings.

11.00am: Toilet Break

11.05am: Mindful Breathing - We will explore the power of the breath and you will learn how to use this ancient technology to become present and mindful at all times. This powerful yet simple breath is the key to unlock happiness in the heart.

12.00pm: Havening Neuroscience techniques. - Together we will learn the miraculous power of this profound healing modality and I will show you how to feel safe peaceful and calm within just one minute with this remarkable practice. We will learn how the healing delta waves floods the mind to lower cortisol and promote peace and calm.



Our Monthly self healing masterclass will be led by David Price & Janine Schaefer

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