Healing Retreats

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We The Medicine - Choose Love 

Following on from our hugely successful sold out retreats in 2021 & 2022,

We The Medicine is delighted to announce a new retreat for the new year of 2023.

January 2023 - 3rd -11th | Choose Love, an 8 day healing & integration retreat in collaboration with SOl Circle 

Yoga - Breath work - Transcendental Meditation Workshop - EFT Tapping Workshop - Authentic Relating Workshop - Ecstatic Movement Dance Medicine - The Havening Neuroscience Techniques Workshop - Sound Bath Healing - Qigong Connecting to Elements - 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies - 1 Peyote Ancestral Rebirth Sweat Lodge Ceremony.

3 month post retreat integration + online sharing circles with full support


January Retreat Schedule


January 3rd 

 Arrive, Land Orientation & Welcome Meeting with Group Sharing & Intention Setting

January 4th 

  Vinyasa Yoga (Janine) - Breakfast - Havening Techniques Workshop (David) -  Lunch - Breath work & Guided Meditation (David) - Rest - 7.00pm Ceremony

January 5th 

 Rest - Breakfast - Group Sharing Circle (David & Nicol) - Lunch - Connecting to the Elements Qigong Meditation @ river (David & Janine) - Dinner

January 6th

Ecstatic Movement Medicine (Janine) - Breakfast - Authentic Relating (Forest) - Lunch - Loving Kindness Meditation (David) - 7.00pm Ceremony

January 7th

Rest - Breakfast - Rest - Lunch - EFT Tapping Techniques (David) - Dinner


January 8th

 Kundalini Yoga (Janine) - Breakfast - Waterfall hike - Lunch - Transcendental Meditation (David) - Rest - 7.00pm Ceremony

January 9th

Rest - Breakfast - Meditation & Group Sharing Circle - Lunch - Rest - Dinner - Fire & Tribal Drum/ Medicine Song Circle 

January 10th

Temazcal - Lunch - Sound Healing (Nonie & Yara) - Dinner

January 11th

Kundalini & Hatha Yoga (Janine) - Breakfast - Group Sharing - Departure 

Prices start from $1400 which includes 8 nights lodgings, 3 x organic vegetarian meals per day,  4 sacred Ceremonies.


There is also a suggested donation amount of $750 - $1000 which will cover all healing modality workshops, facilitators + 3 month post retreat integration course including multiple online group sharing circles and follow-up training. 


This retreat will be limited to 15 - 20 spaces, you can reserve your spot by sending a $300 refundable Paypal deposit here

You will also need to request a medical application form by sending an email to  info@solcircle.org


We have the vision to empower people to remember to be their true authentic selves. We are passionate to bring back the memory that we all have the innate ability to heal ourselves and others. We just have to tap into our ancestral wisdom & knowledge that sits deep within our hearts. Our healing retreats are a place to learn new skills to integrate and assist in healing our inner child.


Love, gratitude, courage, compassion & forgiveness are the foundation of all healing. We love working and teaching the healing arts that help in unlocking your full human potential.

We also understand that the retreat is just the start of our healing as the integration aspect is such an important part of the process. Along with the plant medicine and healing modality workshops, we include a full 3 month aftercare integration course.

Freedom | Truth |Simplicity | Love


Check out the video below of April's Healing Our Inner Child Medicine retreat (With Sound)

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