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Remembering The Self - Retreat

January 2024 - 5th - 12th

Yacumama Eco Village - Costa Rica

Embark on a Soul-Searching Journey - Remembering the self. A profound 3-month odyssey of spiritual awakening and transcendence awaits you.


Nestled amidst the mystical and enchanting tropical mountains of Ojochal, Costa Rica, lies the awe-inspiring eco village, Yacumama.


Surrounded by lush verdant mountains, the land is blessed with vast ocean vistas and abundant spring water that feeds a creek on the west, flowing parallel to a river with cascades and swimming pools on the east.


About half of the 92 acres is forest, home to abundant wildlife with mature trees and incredible biodiversity. We have ocean breezes throughout the day and cool air from the lush green mountains that descends in the evenings.

This sacred land, with its breathtaking views of the Pacific ocean, will be your sanctuary during the 8-day transformative and spiritual plant medicine retreat.

Remembering The Self Retreat
Remembering The Self Retreat
05 Jan 2024, 14:00 GMT-6
Yacumama Eco Village - Ojochal
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What is included


2 x Sacred grandmother ceremonies.

1  x Ancestral Temazacal sweat lodge.
TM Meditation Workshop.

Authentic Relating Workshop.

Qi-Gong connecting to the elements.

Morning Yoga.

Movement Medicine.

Mindful Breath-work.

EFT Tapping Workshop.

Sound Healing Journey.

Havening Neuroscience Techniques Workshop.
3 x organic meals per day.
Airport collection.
1 month of preparation support.
2 months of integration support.
8 x online group integration sharing circles.


Retreat Schedule


Jan 5th:
Arrival - Welcome Circle - Land Orientation - Water Blessing - Dinner

Jan 6th:
Yoga - Breakfast - Authentic Relating Workshop - Lunch - Attention & Intention Meditation - Dinner

Jan 7th:
Yoga - Breakfast - Transformational Breathing  - Lunch - EFT Tapping Workshop - Ceremony

Jan 8th:
Rest - Breakfast - Rest - Lunch - Group Sharing - Dinner

Jan 9th:
Ecstatic Movement Medicine - Breakfast - Havening Neuroscience Techniques Workshop - Lunch - Transcendental Meditation - Ceremony

Jan 10th:
Rest - Breakfast - Connecting to the elements Qi-Gong @river - Lunch - Group Sharing - Dinner

Jan 11th:
Temazcal - Lunch - Sound Healing Journey - Dinner - Sacred Fire &  Medicine Song Circle

Jan 12th:
Yoga - Breakfast - Goodbye Circle - Departure 

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Watch the highlights of our January 2023 retreat

Yacumama Ecovillage Lodgings

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We The Medicine are passionate about teaching the healing arts that help in unlocking your full human potential.


 We will embark on a 3-month journey/aftercare program which will include multiple online group-sharing circles along with a comprehensive preparation & integration document.


Three steps to transformation.


  • One month preparation

  • The 7-day retreat

  • Two months post-integration group sharing circles

Yacumama Kitchen


Our kitchen team of amazing cooks will be on hand to provide 3 x organic meals per day with produce freshly grown and sourced from the local farmers.

Previous Retreat Testimonials


We have been so super blessed to receive countless testimonials from previous guests that have taken part in our past retreats,

Testimonials - We The Medicine Retreats



The cost of this retreat includes airport transfer, 7 nights of lodgings, 3 x Organic meals per day, 2 sacred medicine ceremonies, 1 ancestral rebirth sweat lodge, all workshops, all event facilitators, 1-month preparation, & the 2-month integration program including 8 online group sharing circles.


Shared room - $2750

Private room - $3150

Camping - $2250


*This retreat will be limited to 20 guests.* 

 Janine & I are so excited about this retreat and to share tools and techniques with you during a powerful & profound journey of epic transformation.


Please feel free to write to me by email if you have any questions at all.


You can also book a 20-minute deep dive discovery call to ask any questions you may have by clicking this link here.


With love and blessings from the divine


David & Janine

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