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A human made of bright white light, the arms are open and the source of the light comes out the human's heart.

Empowering people to unlock their self healing potential.


We are passionate about teaching the healing arts.

Join our FREE class to learn tips and hacks to deal with PTSD, anxiety, depression, fear, and childhood traumas.

Through our profound workshops on loving kindness and self compassion we will focus on breathwork, mindful meditation and neurtoscience tools. I will guide you in harnessing the transformative power of mindfulness and introduce you to new integration tools that can be incorporated into your daily life.

We begin this journey by understanding the significance of setting intentions and utilizing breathwork as potent tools for personal growth.

These workshops are born from the depths of our hearts, offering invaluable insights and techniques, both ancient and modern, to assist in navigating anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

We are looking forward to meeting and working with you!

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