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Empowering people to unlock their self healing potential.


Here you will find a collection of our upcoming events where we will be offering different workshops and classes.

FREE Guided Loving Kindness World Meditation

Here you will find a community of souls who are searching to be all that they can, to awaken and remember their inner source of power and love. Every Saturday we teach people from all over the world the power of mindfulness & new integration and empowerment tools to help with PTSD, anxiety, depression, fear & childhood trauma.

Transcendence Meditation

This type of meditation takes you deep into the silent depths of your subconscious mind where you will discover your inner peace, a place of unbounded awareness. If you are interested to learn this ancient technique, you can do so by joining our next 2-hour workshop.




Monday Morning Quantum Healing With Neuroscience, Guided Meditation & Sound

Every Monday, we will be gathering to clear any blockages and stagnant negative energy that we carry. By using the power of our attention and intention, we will generate delta waves that can literally unlock patterns in the brain and facilitate healing.



Ecstatic Dance & Free Movement Class

Experience the liberating and joyful practice of ecstatic dance, enjoy the music and let yourself be guided into free movement step by step.

We will with soft music and a short meditation. After that you will be guided into free movement step by step with an invitation to let go of stagnant energy and express yourself fully as you are. At the end of the dance we will stretch our bodies and slowly transition into a deep relaxing sound journey.

Slow Movement & Meditation Combined With The Power Of Humming

Do you want to join a calming and relaxing 60 minutes self healing session? During this unique class we will combine slow Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork & Sound Healing with the powerful healing effects of Humming.


We are looking forward to meeting and working with you!

We are passionate about teaching the healing arts.

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