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A little bit about me.

I was born & raised in a tough part of South East London, UK. Like a lot of people that suffered with extensive traumatic events, I turned to alcohol & drugs to escape & found myself addicted to these substances for many decades, although I know it was not the answer it enabled me to cope and suppress the emotions that were buried deep within the body.


Leaving England aged 24 I travelled the World for 18 years and this was where I learned the multiple healing modalities that I now work with. It was around 13 years ago that I started to work extensively with various therapists and it was these sessions that motivated me to learn the empowerment tools and offer them to others going through the same process. I know what it is like to suffer and feel alone in the World and it is not pleasant.


Now alcohol & drug free for many years, I am devoted to serving the universe and offering my wisdom and guidance to help you overcome whatever it is that is needed.


I am truly passionate about empowerment & change, I know that everyone has a light in their heart that can be used to first heal themselves and then others, we simply have to just remember what we already know.


During our sessions together I will give you the tools to drop into your heart and let go of the ego. When we use imagination and breath to enter the heart space we are able to quieten the monkey mind that fills us with all the negative patterns of thinking along with self doubts and limiting beliefs.


Within each one of us is a courageous warrior, one that over the course of time has survived and flourished during the most testing periods, we have an abundance of ancestral wisdom and knowledge & I will help you discover this once again.


The healing process can start today and it takes time. I believe in patience yet also understand the importance of having a regular daily practice. It all starts with the one breath and the opening of the heart.

Peace | Truth | Freedom | Simplicity | Love