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Two hands reaching towards each other with a beautiful orange sunset in the background.

We need your support to support others.

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We love nothing more than to educate people on how they can activate their very own unique healing mechanisms to be all that they can.

Our mission is to teach the healing arts to every man, woman and child around the globe that needs help. And therefore we need your support!

Tax Exempt Donations:

You can help us by making a tax exempt donation. We are partnered with the non-profit organisation Sierra Nonprofit Services. Through their service we are able to accept donations.

Do you want to know more? Feel free to contact us.

Patreon Community:

You can also support us by joining our community on Patreon. We created this space for an exchange of support. For a small monthly donation you get access to monthly guided meditations and a wide range of content within the healing arts space such as self healing techniques, movement classes, sound healings and much more. 

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Thank you in advance! We highly appreciate your support.


What is your donation being used for?

We The Medicine - Healing The Warrior's Soul

Our vision is to fly 15 ex-veterans and first responders into the jungle of Costa Rica and teach them empowerment tools and techniques that help to deal with CPTSD.

Each guest will go with us into a 3 month healing and integration program including an 8 day Sacred Plant Medicine retreat. Within this program we will teach a variety of tools including, Breath-work, Transcendence meditation, Yoga, Havening neuroscience techniques, EFT-Tapping, Journaling, Movement Medicine & how to create ceremonial space within the life.


The total cost is 3450$ and that will enable one person to take part in the 3 month program.

It needs 3450$ to fund a person to  attend a healing journey with us.

Costa Rica 
5th - 13th April 2023

A group of people standing in a circle, wearing white clothes, holding hands and having their arms in the air. They are in a temple, it is the morning after a beautiful plant medicine ceremony in the jungle of Costa Rica.
A group of smiling people in the jungle of Costa Rica, wearing swim suits. A woman sits in front of the group with open arms. They are all smiling and they are all dirty because they just finished an ancestral sweat lodge ceremony.
A group of people sitting around the fire in a circle under the stars.
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